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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Current History (where this all began)

Cerberus started, unknown to me at the time, back in 2006. Events leading up to that point included starting my Dream Job and moving 'Home' in 2003. That would be Confederate Motorcycles, and New Orleans, respectively. Hurricane Katrina changed both of those things into History... But started us down the path to where we now stand. JT Nesbitt (former Confederate lead-designer) and I decided to start a motorcycle design house; Bienville Studios, in Storm-ravaged New Orleans. It was something he was extremely good at, and something I've always loved... After much ado-about nothing, New Orleans was no longer a good place for my family, so we relocated to N/E Tenn to be near family, and give us a chance to re-group. Cerberus was at that time just an idea bouncing around in our heads- A small motorcycle shop, specializing in custom-rebuilds, service, parts, knick-knaks and coffee... Of course, we'd have to find where to put this thing. On the far-back burner, was a new motorcycle design that had started with ideas from Bienville. A design we'd played-with, and thought about, but couldn't do anything with... But too good to just let go.

Life gets in the way of Grand-Schemes, and everything just laid there, doing not much of anything until Spring '09, when a fellow Terrorist announced that he was thinking of doing the same thing- Start a small-shop. We talked, and came up with some great ideas. The New Bike; The Cerberus 400 Triple, was heavily discussed, and put into forward motion, as a 'side-venture' of the main shop, BlackStar Motorcycles. We met, talked, schemed, planned, procured materials, etc.. with The Plan being that we'd build some bikes, and get the Shop going in Spring '10.

As we all know, the economy hasn't been good to anyone- And things being what they are, some wrenches have been thrown. Stuff has been pushed around, and backwards. At this time, BlackStar is waiting. Patiently, for a place to be... Likely in Richmond, VA Further progress will be determined, and acted upon in the coming weeks. So, for now, Cerberus, as a separate Entity, continues quietly in a small garage in the mountains above the Tri-Cities. Things are going-on, but slowly.

Please take the time to read about the past projects up to this point.


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